PO Management

Our Mission

We at PO Management, LLC focus on supply chain as a total solution. We are supply chain consultants that monitor and develop processes that cover all the activities under the supply chain umbrella from Inventory control, IT, ERP, Customer service, Logistics, reverse logistics, Financing and yes marketing. It is a long chain of activities that are connected together to make up the supply chain process. We have been perfecting the process for over 15 years in order to deliver Intelligent solutions.

WHy PO Management

PO Management is a process that involves creating purchase orders based on a scientific approach, track the purchase order, make sure it is delivered on time and to make sure that the information flow from vendor to final delivery place is totally transparent. PO Management is not a document that floats around the office. It is not a purchase order that sits on someone's shelf waiting for the order to arrive. It is a complete solution to purchasing from Quote to Cash.

What is PO Management

Purchase order management is an internal business function. Companies use a purchasing process to acquire inventories, operational assets and other items needed to produce goods or services. Purchase orders represent an process that gives specific instructions for purchasing different resources.it is well-defined purchase order process. purchase order management policies are created to ensure employees follow standard operating procedures for this process.